April Fools Day Ideas for Kids

April Fools Day can be super fun with these 10 awesome April Fools Day ideas for kids. Prank your kids or let them prank someone, your kids will have a blast!

10 April Fools Day Ideas for Kids

Can you believe that April Fools Day is just a few weeks away? I can’t! However, I’d thought I’d share a few April Fools Day ideas that are PERFECT for those kiddos!

Silly Cupcakes

Spaghetti & Meatballs?! You’ll find a few super cute SILLY CUPCAKES over at Our Best Bites.

Prank April Fools Day Dinner for Kids

KOOL-AID and CUPCAKES for dinner?! Haha… NOPE!

Check out how this mom tricked her kiddos into thinking that jello was actually Kool-Aid and that cupcake… ground beef and mashed potatoes!

Fake Fruit Prank

CANDY IN A FRUIT CAN! Your kiddo will be so surprised with this yummy treat.

Chicken Not Pie

CHICKEN NOT PIE? You’re kiddos won’t be expecting this one to be so sweet!

Simple April Fools Day Prank for Kids

Your kids won’t expect to be stared back at when they open the fridge on April Fools Day! Simply apply googly-eyes on the stuff in your fridge. I’m sure your kiddos will get a kick out of it!

Colored Water Prank

Surprise them with COLORED WATER! They won’t be expecting that one when they go to brush their teeth or wash their hands in the morning.

Jello Orange Slices

Puzzle them with ORANGE SLICES that are actually slices of orange jello!

Brown E's

Let them know that you’ll be having brownies after dinner as a special treat… stump them with this awesome BROWN E’s prank! You may want to have some real brownies on hand, just in case!

Fake Lunch for April Fools Day

Are those french fries or CINNAMON-SUGAR STICKS?! Either way, your kids will LOVE them!

Prank Snack for Children

How about sending them to school with this GAG LUNCH! Complete with a Can’t Un-Ziplock bag, a Wormy Apple and a Snack Swicharoo!

I hope this helps you all make April Fools Day a fun and memorable one that your kiddos will love and remember! Just watch out for them trying to get you back! lol



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